Business and music, an innovative experience

A symphonic experience linked by human insight and artificial intelligence technology, in order to reflect the true sense of business. His name is Sypmhonologie and was created by Accenture Strategy and presented by an orchestra of 50 pieces, in a private audience in the renowned Louvre Museum Pyramid. This development was accompanied by the display of data inspired a galaxy that happened synchronized with music in real time.

The process for creating this piece of music began with the use of algorithms, identifying feelings surrounding the treatment of business and technology topics, such as the internet of things or cybersecurity. This was translated into scores, which were used as inspiration for a symphony in three movements.

"Symphonologie reveals, in a completely new way, hopes, fears, ambitions and projections of the current business world. It is a prime example of how the strategy and technology together can create a new way of looking at the world," said Mark Knickehm, chief executive of Accenture Strategy.

Symphonologie comprises three movements:

  • Business Voices reflect the state of business in our digital world, a landscape of new models and fluid expectations.
  • The expansion of technology brings to life the upheaval and disruption given by the new digital technologies.
  • A new digital world, the final movement concludes the symphony with a promising landscape powered by the latest in technology and business.

The result was categorized in 8 feelings and the data were adapted into musical elements as keys, time, tone and length of the note.

The music was placed in a MIDI file and assigned an instrument. This audio file allowed first heard the music business.

Music files were delivered to the composer Mathieu Lamboley, who identified issues to create a symphony around them. The objective was to maintain the spirit of the melodies and intensify the emotional tones, to give the feeling of changing feelings throughout the piece.

Finally, the composition accompanied by a display of the data analyzed, to help convey the emotional story built interpreted.