Business production and marketing of musical instruments

Start a business production and marketing of musical instruments is not easy, a luthier should not only have manufacturing equipment also must have a good technique and faultless precision, since every millimeter counts when harmony, and that it is recommended to have an excellent musical ear, since the electronic devices are often decalibrate at times and if you do not know the difference tones during manufacture of the instrument will be a lot of wasted material.

For a business production and marketing of musical instruments acoustic strings, wood against plating must be of excellent quality, thinner preferably in the rear than on the sides, to ensure a good sound in the soundboard, the paste used for the bridge and the nut must be sufficiently resistant if the potential customer decides to use ropes with a thickness of 0.10 millimeters of the premium in the case of guitars.

For a business production and marketing of musical instruments electrical cords, it is recommended first-resistant and light such as mahogany and rosewood wood, that usually give added value to the instrument, but quality first. the second thing should be clear is the sound you are looking for, and that will determine the type, number and configuration of microphones in the body, for example, for a style metal sound in case of guitar, 2 humbuckers are recommended preferably EMG series 81-85 (are my favorites) with 24 frets and floating bridge, if you want more sound Jazz humbucker and 2 singlecoil is recommended, the humbucker side of a tremolo bridge and a central singlecoil being and other side of the mast preferably 22 frets, as personal recommendation, regardless of use Floyd Rose, you should always use the lockers on the ropes and pegs high precision.

Finally another aspect that should be considered for a business production and marketing of musical instruments in the case of electric guitars and basses is that when it comes to buying instruments, customers prefer quality, not low cost, which It should be taken very seriously the details in manufacturing generally instruments of one body are harder to make, because more than a screw and a tension bar for calibration, is the shaping and finishing of an arc of space rope 0.1 mm between the fret 1 and the fret 17 plus equidistance between the bridge at 12th fret with the 12th fret and the nut to secure the natural harmonic at the 12th fret, resonance and resistance finishes one body far outweigh instruments with prefabricated parts, and personally, usually the best.