Your Company, generates noise or Symphony?

All departments of a company must work every day to contribute to the main goal of the organization. The difference between a good wish and goal is that the latter should be reflected on paper, while a desire is an idealized longing that can not get to become reality.

These goals should be shared by members of your team. You can not expect each department to achieve acceptable results, if they do not know what the overall purpose to which they are pointing.

In previous installments we discussed Goals S.M.A.R.T. (See "Two Ways of Living") where we learned the elements that we consider to design our goals. This time I want platicarte of how each goal should be interconnected with the main objective of your company.

A business where every management works disjointed from the rest, is more like an orchestra where each instrument is playing a different score, you imagine, just like "sound" many companies.

I had the opportunity to work with the owner of a company, who decided that at the end of next year would reach a profit goal through the marketing of existing products and the introduction of new products and services. This decision hastened to each of the departments to align their goals with the new target path:

The marketing department was launched to design a marketing plan with emphasis on social networks to generate enough prospects, so that the sales department began to redesign the supporting material and other scripts to close sales of new services they were going to market soon.

In the Operations Department were not far behind and initiated the necessary actions to implement the new production lines, and make new products and services meeting the quality standards, time, design, functionality, among others, for the customer stay satisfied.

Management staff therefore began a growing activity with existing suppliers and seeking new, to enter projected from operations products, while in HR, they realized that if the plans were given as was agreed , needed to create a training system so that people could offer that service and hire new staff with other professional profiles provide the necessary quality to the new challenge.

So the whole company was perfectly aligned around a common goal.

As a great conductor, you must ensure that each department keep playing the same business symphony, which is simply to meet and share common objectives, which are all part and also everyone wins.