Your company: a symphony orchestra

2016 certainly brings a number of challenges and opportunities for us all. As part of the global economy and the market, the factor of differentiation and positioning for our customers will remain essential to achieve objectives, if we want to stay current with our products and services, and truly alive for our competitors.

Macroeconomic figures show that countries need to work on formulas that are associated with improving the level of employment and the recovery of sales volumes and improved service in the market.

How does it feel to face this challenge? Are you willing to change?

The first fundamental question for many entrepreneurs is if you already have aligned all internal processes to achieve their highest goals and if not, if they are willing to change and invest what is necessary to restore the credibility of its people so that it follows them in their business project.

Many purposes, lots of action

It is important to realize that the world is full of purpose but few actually are achieved because we continue doing what we have been doing for so many years.

We have not wanted to get out of our "safe area" to venture to conquer new opportunities. "Ideas are cheap and acquire their value only when put into action."

It is therefore required, redefine the course in its Business Plan "and ensure that all their team enthusiastically follow. It requires empowering others to achieve their best results and for this they need to invest in its people. It's time for a change in its Management Leadership!

Ready instruments and musicians?

A leader in addition to knowing where you are going, knows that his team must align people with processes and tools so you can play a good tune.

Do not leave it to the destination point. Before starting to make guesses (Business Plan), ensure that both musicians and instruments have what it takes to get where you intended, otherwise fail in their attempt.

Many executives meet in the dome to "think for others" instead of "thinking with others" and this is one of the great mistakes made in the business world. It is necessary to involve everyone in the design process business because it will be so only you can achieve the commitment of all the team and the highest aspirations of each of its members.

You need to spend what is necessary to ensure that everyone has the skills and capabilities enough to go with you and ensure that your business plan becomes a reality.

Ask yourself this question: From its top executives, to its operational staff and accomplishment, they have the necessary skills to ensure that your dreams become reality?

If not, do not dream more !. I suggest you invest earlier in this aspect, so you can lift anchors, otherwise your boat can wreck before the attacks and the complexity of the environment and its market.

It is where you can really build a dream and this sense secure their purposes. The complexity generates the need for highly trained and motivated people to ensure the highest performance and thus exceed the expectations of our customers.

Remember this: The customer demands have to do with the quality and timeliness of our products and this alone makes YOUR PEOPLE.

So it's time to deploy an entire leadership strategy along and across the organization, it is time to form "Leaders No Charge" and expand their level of readiness to serve at the highest level and then you can guarantee: a) being the provider chosen by its customers. b) To be the employer of choice for people. c) To be the chosen investment in the market.

Narrow down instruments and its people before you start playing!

Define the direction is not enough

While defining the course that will take your company determines the first step to get where you want, you need to ensure it has the technical, financial and human capacities to stop to achieve their goals. This involves aligning internal processes in your company.

Alignment of your business determines how far will reach its purposes.

Very often I see that at the time of designing the business plan of a company do not stop to think about the potential that it has at that time. This makes most plans are achieved and does not really end up doing an exercise of repeating the same old story.

We want to follow the same path as long as we ignore the test the potential of our people to get ahead of schedule. Ask yourself the following questions: Does it take into account the capabilities and potential of your people when charting your plan? Does your ability to improvise? Does your commitment? ?Presupposed recognition and additional compensation for the successes that is achieving on the road ?.

If not, do not be surprised that people leave paper to fulfill their responsibility to their leaders.

In the case of auto racing, before throwing the competition are tuned, are prepared and tested to ensure they will do a decent role, Why this does not happen in the case of people?

You decide how far and is responsible for it! The rest are excuses nothing.

Prepare your people for individual and team work.

It is a fact that the sum of individual results make the results as a team and have to prepare their people to work both ways, otherwise your efforts will be just that ... attempts.

Oil complete machinery while preparing the pilot!

Be willing to recognize good music

To listen to good music, you must be willing to do so.

It is not liked by many entrepreneurs experience success by what this implies. I try to describe it this way: Why we can get to succeed and stay on top, we are forced to constantly change, to test our potential and to unlock the potential of our partners.

Change for many people means stepping out of their state of security and comfort to enter the field of adventure, and this scares more than one. We prefer to do things as we have always done because that tells us that at least we will not take other risks that can put us in check at the economic situation we travel.

We decided to be cautious because the security concept we have ingrained in our minds since childhood.

Let me tell you that the only safe area for you and your company, is kept constantly moving, is undergoing change constantly and this involves modifying their habits and participation.

It is time to prepare people so that they can realize their potential and their capacity to innovate for the benefit of its customers. It is time to enter the reason that the internal work to align their teams, is more important than paying extra to your personal time because they are not doing their job within the working day. Let them improvise, but prepare them to do so, empower their teams, but train them so they can receive that level of responsibility on his shoulders. And when the results achieved over their plans, pay for it and reconozcales results. Let motivation is the soul that drives the commitment of its people with you.

Leadership is the basis

Make enough to train all leaders of the organization space, and consider this quote from the design of its Business Plan.

Align leaders means the great opportunity to make an individual commitment and superior equipment, means entering the field of the provision rather than the position, and profit will take the bourgeois to your company and make it more flexible to adopt the commitment to differentiation against its competitors.

Normally and recurrently technically they trained for changes in systems and technological processes and leave aside the possibility of better people to fulfill our dreams, and this is the big difference between high performers with those only they appear to be.

If the idea is to get it to play good music for our customers and they prefer us rather than another orchestra, not shelve this recommendation.

In his budget for the year, leave necessary to prepare their people, both individually and in the form of equipment, starting and once this is done, let them be, let them take flight.

Your customers are the indicator

Everything you do has a catalyst: Your customers. The most accurate measure of what you have in your organization is constantly evaluated in the market for its customers. Put the focus on them. As I said before, the reason for a high-performance company is to become the favorite of the one who buys your products and services provider, so do not get confused, invest in their people to be confident that the vast differentiation occurs from within your company. Do not be fooled ... the main problem is who's running and you have the chance to change the history of the company under the following provision: "There are no weak platoons, there is only weak leaders".

I wish all my readers, friends, employers, customers, academics etc., the best for this year 2011 that will undoubtedly bring greater opportunities for change. This is the main reason for our lives if we are to successfully reach the fulfillment of our purposes. Throw away the necessary and become something new.

Make up your mind to do it, your customers will thank you!

In the business world, to know where want to go, it is the first step that will ensure your success. "If you do not know where it is going not get anywhere" Consider it done. "Tell your people what the melody that will play in your company and print the pace."

You can not go on with your business plan if your organization has no dress completely. It is required of good musicians and a wonderful tuning so that the orchestra can play masterfully new symphony !.